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Woman in Red

Just Beautiful :0)

Ok, so I’ve had this picture for a while now since I’ve won it at an auction.

I just now am getting around to hanging it up and Damn do I have a good Eye for Art!

See for yourself and let me know what you think!

Woman in Red

Do you see what I see?

Mornings I am Cranky

Just like this kid below…

Yep that’s me…

MeCanX – Grab the Duffel Bag (44 Beats Remix by The CHEF)

This song is a bit more political and was made when George W. was still in office…So you can see how old it is…but The CHEF put his own flavor on it…So now once again it’s new!

Get Freaky Papi – By MeCanX (Music)

Yes, I too like to get “Freaky” and this song is all about doing just that.

Day with MeCanX and Wanna Be Party Rock Robot – Fired

So If you didn’t know…I got fired from my Job…yep…So I just decided to do what any normal human being would do and that is make a Video of me trying to get a video on

Will it work? Hell, I don’t know…but your here aren’t you?

Watch the Video Below to see what happens!

Entrance By MeCanX (Music)

Well, after many years of sitting idle on my external hard drive in a backup file that I damn near couldn’t get into…I finally found my long lost Music that I used to produce back in the day when all I had was a computer I built myself, a crappy computer microphone and a copy of Acid that my friend let me have…

I scoured the internet for free loops and tracks just so I could actually use the software and then finally broke down and bought a lot of them too…

This is on of many songs that I am proud to say that I took many hours to make…even if they aren’t the best…I”m proud of them 🙂

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