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TV sucks, This Independent Stuff is way better!

So today has been a waste of time…Very unusual for me…but I did get to enjoy a set of 9 episodes of a show called – VGHS (short for Video Game High School).

Unfortunately it does have guns, shooting and violence (which seems to always be found in anything you watch)…but honestly, I can’t deny that I like shot em ups. Why? I think it’s just in our nature to be violent and gaming is a way for us to get it out, without actually doing it.

Anyways…I digress.

If you like really really good sense of humor with action and explosions mixed in with romance. (Yes, I know that’s about any action movie you see any more)…but this actually is done really well and on a level you just don’t see any more on that thing…ummm…what is it? Oh yeah, the stupid cable television.

You’ll probably be hooked right away if you are anything like me…

Oh yeah, an you should probably follow him on YouTube –> Freddie Wong’s YouTube Page

This machine sums up your sex life after you get married (Video)

Now I’ve never been married and my longest relationship only lasted a little over 3 1/2 years…(I think) but I’m pretty sure that I can understand the concept of marriage because I hear it from my friends all the time who decided to go through with the deed…but that’s really not why I’m here…but the title sounded good.

Anyways, I was thinking the other day how much I love office jobs…no wait…How much I hate, hate, hate office jobs.

But if this machine was in the office…Then maybe I would like an office job just a little bit more…

It’s like a battle of wits with a machine…Or just a good old argument with your girlfriend/wife that you know you’re never going to win but you try anyways, even when you know you’re right.

She’s probably going to treat you like this machine does anyways later that night when you want to have sex…that’s when you know you’ve been married to long when it’s actually fun to get turned down…

The Lowest Common Denominator #1


My Dooms Day After Noon (Video)

Ok, so if you know me…I don’t like to miss out on a reason to create a video.

Especially if it has to do with the “Last day of the Earth…” Gotta get that shit on film!

Anyways…I filmed my whole day and then crammed it into 4 mins 55 seconds. And despite what YouTube says…The Video apparently had it’s own Apocalyptic melt down of it’s own and doubled itself…Damn Mayans…

It’s actually pretty interesting…I did a lot! I would of died a happy man.

End of the World Countdown Just for You

So I worked really hard to find this countdown clock (ok, so I Googled it and it was the second link) but still…

If you are worried about “The End of The Earth” and need to know a specific time when it is going to happen…Then this is the best dooms day clock out there. (ok, ok, I only looked at like 2) but still, this one seems legit.

Here just keep this page open and we can count it down together! E-o-t-W Time: 11:11 AM UTC on December 21, 2012

NOTE: From

Scientists and historians have refuted the claims that the end of the Mayan Calendar means the end of the world. Many argue that the Mayans had a cyclical sense of time, such that the end of the calendar merely signifies the end of one period, and the start of another, just like our modern day calendars.

In fact, most experts say that the Mayans did not have anything to say about the end of the world, an apocalypse on December 21, 2012, or the Winter Solstice.

Many doomsdayers, however, believe that the world will end on December 21, 2012. Some go as far as claiming the exact time – the exact time of the December solstice.

Because the Mayans did not predict the end of the world, we at have used the predictions of some doomsdayers to set up our countdown.

Also, since the world can only end at one time, the time of the end of the world/ Mayan Calendar as shown by the Countdown is the same (11:11 AM UTC) for every part of the world.

If you see a different time for the end of the Maya Calendar in your city, it is because that is the time in your time zone when it will be 11:11 AM UTC on December 21, 2012.

Please note that we do not endorse any apocalyptic claims.

Ice Ice Baby Gif that I created

Just for your pleasure and because I only function well at night…

I created the Ice Ice Baby Gif  for your enjoyment and to pass around to your friends!

If you like it…just right click (for all you PC users) and “save image as”. Then share it!
Or just send them here 🙂

All props go to who ever took the pic…to which I do not know.

*Note: The .gif is messing up on this post but it works fine anywhere else.

To Cold, To Cold

To Cold, To Cold

If you want to start a Party Bus in Kansas

Yes, you can call me a dumb ass…But I have a kick ass 40 ft charter bus! (that is currently just sitting, doing nothing) see pic below.

Yep...Not sure what I was thinking!

Yep…Not sure what I was thinking!

And here is the Inside…Fit’s 48 freaking people!


And now here is the type of Insurance policy you have to carry for it in the state of Kansas if you are doing a Party Bus or carrying over 16 people.

Yep 5 Million as in $5,000,000

Yep 5 Million as in $5,000,000

A policy like that runs about $13,500 a year. Aka $1125 a month. But that also is because I am a New Venture in the Party Bus Arena. You might get a better deal. So if you are thinking about starting a party bus in the state of Kansas…I already did all the hard information gathering work for you!

Now here’s the deal.

You want to start a Party Bus Company in Kansas…I have a bus for sale! Sounds like we need to talk.

Add this to my Bucket List

So I’m not opposed to having a little fun every once in a while…but this…Well, this looks like something we would of done back when I lived in Europe! Now this would be fun, even if it was just for a couple times.

Why Gun Control Will Never Be a Good Idea

You know…I wish that people would look at trends of gun control just like a stock broker would stocks.

If you see something bad about to happen…You hopefully make the right decision and protect yourself from what is about to happen.

If we let history repeat itself. We'll soon be on this list.

If we let history repeat itself. We’ll soon be on this list.

Or we can just make it simple…

Get it? Good...

Get it? Good…

Old “I Know a Good MeCanX” Shirts

I actually created these shirts a long time ago…And when I went to search for my DJ name aka “MeCanX”, I got a link that took me straight to the shirt I created years ago!

I took the liberty of taking the photos and putting them here 🙂

Do You have a Diesel Fueled Soul?

Do You have a Diesel Fueled Soul?

X Marks the Spot

X Marks the Spot

Damn right I do!

Damn right I do!

He's almost as good looking as I am...

He’s almost as good looking as I am…

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