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What happens when Disney Remakes Star Wars (Video)

I can so see this happening…aka this video is a good representation.

And seriously, why do we need yet another reboot/remake/wtf of Star Wars??? I mean are they going to come out with anything different? Or is it all rehashed just like all the other ones?

I vote they just leave everything alone…

Marriage Lessons

On their 40th wedding anniversary and during the banquet celebrating it, Tom was asked to give his friends a brief account of the benefits of a marriage of such long duration.


Tell us Tom, just what is it you have learned from all those wonderful years with your wife?

Tom responds, “Well, I’ve learned that marriage is the best teacher of all. It teaches you loyalty, forbearance, meekness, self-restraint, forgiveness and a great many other qualities you wouldn’t have needed if you’d stayed single why-am-I-still-single.

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets (Video)

These are actually pretty damn funny!

I haven’t quite got to this status yet…but I’d LOL for real if people tweeted stuff like this to me!

2 Girls, 2 Cups, a fat beat and 1 Song (Video)

This is actually quite good for being on a phone camera that is vertical (pet peeve of mine) and acapella with just some cups for a beat…

When is Enough, Enough? Students being tracked at School.

So this is one of those things that I’m not to fond of…

Aka being Tracked 24/7.

tracking chip

This chip is keeping track of you.

I’m pretty sure our phones are already doing this anyways…but when schools start making it mandatory that their students to wear a RFID chip on campus is pretty much absurd.

This technology is “pedaled’ as “The Future”…I call it…“Soon to Have no Future”.

When do we start calling Bullshit and stop letting our every action and move be tracked? When are we going to stop being “Fear driven” and just except the fact that we live in a dangerous world and the only one who can protect us…Is us…

Unfortunately we are already being constantly tracked with Cameras…but now this?

And what’s even more disturbing is that the student even took this issue to court and lost!

See the Full article Here


Trampoline Dog (Video)

Ha! I’m like that dog can do flips! What the?

Seriously, this dog loves this Trampoline…

Ghost Drive Thru Prank – This is Awesome!

Ok, so maybe I use the word “Awesome” a little to much…Kind of like “ok” when I start everyone of these posts…

Anyways…This is the type of stuff that makes you laugh…and by laugh I mean bust up laughing because the reactions on these people’s faces are priceless!


Now how am I suppose to hand them their food?

They have absolutely no Idea what the hell is going on!

A Picture Is Worth the Change in Your Pocket #196


Ben vs. Piers Morgan vs. Alex Jones – Hard numbers for the Gun Control Debate (Video)

You know…This idiot Pier Morgan from the UK (whom we actually fought to get away from) once again wants us to basically bow down to the Crown…

I personally, think these guys work for the ones who want to take away all the guns…but that’s just my opinion.

But here is the real stats on guns and why the U.S. is actually safer than the U.K.

I tried embedding the video but you’ll just have to watch it here:

Ben vs. Piers Morgan vs. Alex Jones

Ben vs. Piers Morgan vs. Alex Jones

Spoiler Alert!

Ben (the small town reporter) Wins…

Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before…


No, seriously.  That way you can go listen to it again!

Okay, I have never unabashedly plugged an album in my life.  Generally, there’s a few great tracks on an album surrounded by a dozen or so of their far dorkier friends.  Of course there are exceptions to the rule.  For instance, Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” or Nirvana’s “Nevermind”, but far more often you’re gonna end up with a “Volume 2…Hard Knock Life”.  Now don’t get me wrong, Jay-Z put together a thoroughly enjoyable album, but if I want to dial up a bomb-ass track to hang out with it’s never gonna be “A Week Ago”.

That being said, I have stumbled upon an album today that I HAVE NOT been able to stop listening to.  I don’t think my iTunes would let me even if I wanted to.  Which I don’t.  Just to make that shit clear.

Now I’m not exactly introducing a brand new band to the world or anything, but I can’t imagine that they’ve crashed Hollywood just yet.  After all, they’re playing a bar in Lawrence, KS next month (oooh…I wanna go!).  So, like I said at the beginning, stop me if you’ve heard this one before.  If not, put on your listening ears and set your brain to “Receive Stun” mode.  Here’s a track from their album “Vessels” (arguably the best song on the album):

Yes…that’s what we like to call whetting the musical appetite.  And the whole damn album is that good (or maybe even better)!  After a respectable amount of internet research I stumbled upon the recipe for this little piece of musical perfection.


1 cup Flobots

1 cup Hollywood Undead

1 cup Fun.

1/4 cup My Chemical Romance

2 tbsp Neon Trees/Mumford and Sons blend

1 tsp Linkin Park


So basically, they just invented some of the dopest ass shit ever!  Other extremely notable tracks are “Holding On To You”, “Car Radio”, and “Ode to Sleep”.

Alright, I’ll stop orgasming all over the internet and just go back to privately diddling my musical clit now.  So you should go diddle yourself a little bit, too.  You know, so this isn’t so weird…..



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