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Food Fight – The Best Hip Hop Song to come out in a long time!

Food Fight by Earth Amplified feat. Stic.Man of Dead Prez is one of the best Hip Hop videos I’ve seen in awhile!

Hip Hop is a form of music that actually tells a story. I have always been a fan of Hip Hop because of the nature of the words actually meaning something! You won’t find that with Rap-Crap at all…as it’s always just the same old thing.

Watch it!

I myself have done Hip Hop and know exactly what it means to write from the Heart! I actually created this song when I was Homeless:

Another Shameless Plug…

Well, I’ve been pretty much exclusively sitting in my pajamas for almost five days now.  Gotta love the phenomena that is all of winter in one week.  Anyhow, with all of this downtime I’ve had a lot of time to listen to music and catch up on homework. But mostly music. And I have another tasty auditory morsel for you!

My review: “Classic rock, punk, and soul all covered and smothered in bitch rock.”




Wrecking Crew Orchestra-Tron Inspired Dance (Video)

Do my eyes deceive me? Oh nope, it’s just the Wrecking Crew Orchestra being awesome!

They say they got the idea for this dance off of one of the America’s Got Talent shows from another group. Either way it’s really freaking cool!

Running Errands with My Mom (Video)

Ok, so I have noticed a rising Trend in “Parent Videos” and this has to be one of the better shot ones. Even if you don’t like “Rap”, I think you will find this video quite entertaining.

I introduce you…To the Incredible Crew: Running Errands with My Mom

Thunder Snow? Something definitely new to me!

So I woke up at 4 am this morning and looked outside to see it snowing like crazy here. Honestly, I haven’t seen snow like this since I was a kid here where I live…so this is actually looking pretty normal to what I remember growing up.

The weird part to me is this whole…Hey let’s throw lightning and thunder into the mix…? I guess it’s called Thunder Snow and I don’t ever recall seeing/hearing this type of thing around here.

So I went ahead and made a video for you if you’ve never experienced…Thunder Snow.

Dog Rescued and This one will make you Cry

I’ll be honest…

I wish the world could learn from Animals what we think we already know so well…

Let’s just say this dog rescue will bring a tear to your eye…

If only we could sit the world down in one of these…

Well, it might not be an answer to world peace…but it couldn’t hurt anything to try!

This to me is what an awesome video is all about! Just trying something new and different as someone is bound to respond as others walk by…but the reactions you’ll get are all natural an unrehearsed…


Upside Down Spider Man Kissing Prank

Ladies…I find this video not only funny…but also appropriate for this Valentine’s Day.

Creepy Valentines Poem

Ummm…I’m thinking I will just say Yes…Just in case….

The Lowest Common Denominator #2


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