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New Renault Clio Test Drive Prank

Ok, so I love the creativity in this video!

It’s two unsuspecting guys taking a car for a test drive prank and once they hit the Va-Va Voom button! Well, I’ll just let you see what happens 🙂

I had to laugh as you can tell these guys have been genuinely taken by surprise.

Words of Wisdom from an Old Dude

This one is pretty simple…If you notice…this is actually 2 separate sentences.

words of wisdom shakespeare

Show Love – Solve the World’s Problems

Seems pretty simple to me…

hate vs. love

I’m pretty sure this would work.


Go Home Car You’re Drunk – Car on Median

I’m not really sure how this happened…but I do have a theory as I think the laws of physics just happened to work in a very strange way today…

This car apparently got pushed up on the Median by another car changing lanes. The closer we look at it…we can also see that this car was only inches from taking a light poll along with it anchored to the median.

So in Honor of this Car I created this Meme Picture…

Maybe we'll see it in the next X Games?

Maybe we’ll see it in the next X Games?

And of course you know me…I can’t resist getting this on video!

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