Monthly Archives: June 2013

Brooming or Flying on a Broom – Stop Motion Video

So every once in a  while someone says something and we just happen to have a camera, some extra time on our hands and some brooms…

Here we just are goofing around and ended up creating a short 1 minute video that simulates what a stop motion brooming  or broom flying fight might look like 🙂


Dog Plays the Piano and Howls with it on Her Own

So apparently the neighbors filed a noise complaint against these people…They couldn’t figure out why the neighbors were complaining, so they set up a nanny cam and this is what they found out!

Maybe this dog was a famous piano player back in another life and came back to do what she loved to do the most…play the piano and sing along…

Hamsters in a spinning bowl – Work out wheel

This is actually pretty damn funny!

I am just amazed at how fast they get this thing going!

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