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Is Flight MH370 at Diego? 3 Part Series

About a month ago, I was reading through my blink feed and happened to come across a story of a guy named Philip Wood, who just happened to also be on the MH370 Plane, and the story read that he managed to put a phone “up his ass” and when he got a chance…took a picture of total blackness.

Now, I admit, having less time these days to dig a little deeper into the story…I made a video on the subject and how I believed it to be true also that this could of happened. Mainly of how possible it could of been to accomplish.

The more I read about things though and started digging…I noticed some flaws with the story. Mainly with the Exif data not able to be changed easily. I later found out that this was incorrect and made a video about it, to which then I made another one to follow that one up with.

Now…Even if the story about Philip Wood is 99% false and someone did ultimately troll the world…I still think it’s at Diego Garcia. In this last video, I break it down myth buster style and try to figure out why Diego Garcia is still our #1 suspect/the 1% that makes this story not completely debunked…

As I said in this last video…There is no way in today’s society with all the “Tech” we have in this world…that that plane just magically disappeared…

Cars fall into Large Sinkhole in Baltimore

Not everyday you get to watch a bunch of cars parked on the side of the street fall into a large sinkhole…

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