Another “School Shooting” – Why we Should be an Armed Society

I know there has been a huge debate about this whole gun issue…but FUCK…seriously? The reason we know about everything happening in the world at an instant is because of the same reason you are here. I can write this post and have it blasted out in a matter of minutes.

Did you know that this had happened a few minutes ago?

School Shooting – Source Yahoo

student shooting california

If you didn’t…Now you do. But look! I stretched the truth a little bit. I said another “school shooting” in the title but in reality it was a shooting “Near” a School.

Oh but wait!

This article from the same source as above (link and picture): Yahoo. States that now the shooter was actually in the building.

So which was it?

This is exactly what I mean!

The Media Loves to put you in a “Fear Box” as I call it and confuse the hell out of you. Because why? It’s because “Fear” sells! And as a culture we eat it up!

I took a Internet Marketing course one time (that’s how I learned all this) and the one thing we learned to do was to build sites that created a “Sense of Urgency” to which the #1 thing that sold…was using “Fear tactics”…I could go on all day about this but this is what I’m trying to tell you…

The more the media hypes up gun violence is the more likely you are going to be willing to turn in your guns.

It’s as simple as that. I’m not going to get into other things but some of us see what is really happening…

But the thing is…Numbers, never lie…They didn’t lie then (aka the video below) and they don’t lie now. Gun Control will never work…It will just make things worse…and worse, it will allow those with guns to rule.

I personally, know how it feels to be randomly jumped and not being able to protect yourself. And I always wondered if I had had a gun that night, when I was jumped and sent to the hospital by two random strangers, if I could of prevented myself a whole lot of headache by pulling a gun and changing the assailants minds about hitting me again. Not by shooting them but I would rather deter a problem than have to put a sloppy end to it.

Oh and by the way…by the time the police (who absolutely did nothing for me) arrived…I would of been dead. But I was lucky because of a girl walking her dog. She just happened to hear me screaming for help, walked over and scared the assailants off.

I had literally called the cops twice while I was in mid-fight! I was ducking and dodging for my life waiting for someone else to come help me because I had nothing but my fists! Not that I didn’t put up a damn good fight…but that night I was left alone to protect myself…with just my fists. Just think if they would of had any other type of weapon. I’d of been screwed!

At least with a gun I feel that I could of scared them off or at least evened the odds. Because I truly hate violence until it has to do with defending myself.

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