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Old “I Know a Good MeCanX” Shirts

I actually created these shirts a long time ago…And when I went to search for my DJ name aka “MeCanX”, I got a link that took me straight to the shirt I created years ago!

I took the liberty of taking the photos and putting them here 🙂

Do You have a Diesel Fueled Soul?

Do You have a Diesel Fueled Soul?

X Marks the Spot

X Marks the Spot

Damn right I do!

Damn right I do!

He's almost as good looking as I am...

He’s almost as good looking as I am…

Philosoraptor – Random Acts of Kindness

Not to be a dick to anyone but I have recently been seeing posts from people about the # of days that they have been doing “Acts of Kindness”.

Now me, I’m not really one to tell someone else about how I helped another person out…I prefer to just know that I did something good and go on with things. But that’s just me…

I’m not putting people down with this thought…But I just want people to think about it when they are putting their “Acts of Kindness” up on Facebook or wherever…about how much sometimes that actually degrades what you actually did…

I just wonder sometimes...

I just wonder sometimes…

What will you do with life?

We all know that one day we will go to that…well, (insert where ever you believe you will go here)…

And we all can at least agree on one thing. We all die sooner or later.

Now there is a really cool/long/interesting/to much to type here theory (and we all know how I LOVE Theories), about why some of us live longer than others. Let’s just say it has to do with Action Movies and how in 1 out of 1 million times the movie is 100% correct…

See long story…Anyways, I prefer to acknowledge Death’s existence and move on with life…Hence the picture I created tonight…

If you feel the same way…Then please share with all your friends 😀

Death and Life

Sometimes you have to ask the hard questions.

Fear is Not Real

Will Smill After Earth

Sometimes you have to Leap before you look…

In a life full of uncertainties, the one thing we can be certain of…is Death…

So Live Life and Enjoy the crazy ass Ride…




Philosoraptor – If You Flaunt It

I’ve always wondered why people like to flaunt things that they have…

Now don’t get me wrong…It’s nice to have stuff…but most of the time I don’t really point out that I have something bigger or better to people just to brag about it…Probably because I really don’t have that much stuff…

And even though I do have some “Bigger” things in life…I don’t really feel a need to flaunt them…I just let it prove itself 😉

The Question is…

Going back Retro

So today I was going in to create a Dj Planning book for a couple booking a wedding and I saw this sitting up by the register. Of course the more I looked at it the more I wanted it!

The guy at the counter threw me a pitch for $10 bucks and I was sold!

As I was walking out I noticed him put another one up looking like someone was about to buy it…then realized I fell right into his marketing trap!

Well played Fedex Office man…Well Played!

Retro Cell Phone Handset

Rusted Angel

All Time Favorite Pic of Me

So this picture was done by a friend of mine a long time ago…

I haven’t spoke to her in awhile but can’t help but to think about how she did this in about 20 minutes after I saw her do it with someone’s photo.

Her name is Rachael but I can’t remember her last name…Thank You Rachael

Rusted Angel

Rusted Angel – How I Feel Sometimes

Woman in Red

Just Beautiful :0)

Ok, so I’ve had this picture for a while now since I’ve won it at an auction.

I just now am getting around to hanging it up and Damn do I have a good Eye for Art!

See for yourself and let me know what you think!

Woman in Red

Do you see what I see?

Mornings I am Cranky

Just like this kid below…

Yep that’s me…

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