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I’m Not Lost – Just on a Different Path

I find it funny how a lot of people try to get me to follow their paths…They think they have the right answer but most of the time it is the answer someone else has given them.

As for me…I follow my own path and come up with my own answers. I’m pretty sure that that is the “Narrow Road” that that one book with a bunch of scriptures talks about…

But what do I know? I just am finding my own answers…Hopefully if you look hard enough, you will find your own too.

Im not lost


Words of Wisdom from an Old Dude

This one is pretty simple…If you notice…this is actually 2 separate sentences.

words of wisdom shakespeare

Show Love – Solve the World’s Problems

Seems pretty simple to me…

hate vs. love

I’m pretty sure this would work.


Has Apple gone to Far? The New IPotty

You know we live in a sad world when you have to buy a $600 or more, IPad to convince your kid to take a dump…

This thing is going to confuse the hell out of a kid as they grow up when they try to sit on a normal toilet backwards!

What I find the funniest about all this is there’s a whole South Park Episode dedicated to this very topic!

Maybe the designer is a South Park fan and decided to teach the reverse cowgirl so that nobody ever has to leave the toilet seat up again. Thinking about it now…The Designer has to be a woman, with the intent of forever ending the debate between men and woman and the toilet seat always being left up!


Seriously? Next thing you know we’ll be taking pictures of our turds and sticking them on Instagram! With an Artistic Filter of course…


Why camera angles are crucial – Part 2


or you can see them below with my own captions:

Everyday Annoyances. I’m sure you can relate :)

You know I look at this picture and think…damn I have experienced all of these things…Such a pain!

But at the same time it makes me laugh because I can so relate even though I know there are much more worse things in life that could happen!

everyday annoying things

Especially the Hangnail! Warning: Really Gross!

Akward Camera Angles – These are good!

So as I am drifting through the internet…I find this mess of pictures…which are awesome yet somewhat scary camera angles…And some that put your mind, right in the gutter…

You’ll have to actually look again once your eyes actually figure out what’s going on.

bad angles

Tattoos for Nerds

Oh the joys of tattoos…

head body tattoo

If you stare at as much code as I do…You’ll get it.

I think he's shot a few ducks to many...

I think he’s shot a few ducks to many…

It's the number 42? Why? Who the hell knows...

It’s the number 42? Why? Who the hell knows…

This Tattoo actually takes you to the website below

This Tattoo actually takes you to the website below

So I scanned this tat with my bar code scanner and it actually worked!

Here is the guys site lol:

I think someone got a little bit frustrated with the Cube...

I think someone got a little bit frustrated with the Cube…

How to Secretly Contact Police if you are getting robbed at an ATM

Ok so I admit this is an awesome way to contact the Police if you are being robbed…but my question is what happens when your pin number is the same forward and back?

Yeah but what if you number is 5555?

Yeah but what if you number is 5555?

Well, this one has been busted by

Find the truth about this one -> ATM does not call cops if pin is put in reverse.

I like this Kid’s Ambition!

I’m all for being Ambitious but damn this kid moves fast!

I agree!

I agree!

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