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Optimist vs. Pessimist vs. Realist

Ha! This would so be me…the 3rd one that is…

I just call it how I see it!

And we have a winner!

And we have a winner!

Fiscal Cliff for Dummies

Most of the time I have no idea what is going on in Politics other than the fact that…Well, whatever…

Anyways, this basically takes all the over your head stuff and condenses it down to something you can actually understand…Which in my case is excellent…because sometimes, details fucking just don’t matter.

If you don't understand this...Then don't bother trying.

If you don’t understand this…Then don’t bother trying.

What is your Elf Name?

Apparently my “Elf Name” is: Puddin Sparkley Toes?

I’m guessing sparkley toes is because of how well I can dance 😉

What is Yours?

What is Yours?

The World Ends This Friday! 12-21-12

So the question is…Who’s throwing the Wildest Party Ever on Thursday???

world ending, apocolypse, fire and brim stone,

Looks Like It’s going to be a hot one on Friday!

Ouch, If you complain about something expect a response

You know…I’m just going to have to go with this response as “The Truth Shall Set You Free…”

Can you say Owned?

Can you say Owned?

If it scares you, do it

I can definitely relate to this one…

Thanks Spartan Racing for the motivation today 🙂

A lot of people should take this lesson in Life...

A lot of people should take this lesson in Life…

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