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Another Shameless Plug…

Well, I’ve been pretty much exclusively sitting in my pajamas for almost five days now.  Gotta love the phenomena that is all of winter in one week.  Anyhow, with all of this downtime I’ve had a lot of time to listen to music and catch up on homework. But mostly music. And I have another tasty auditory morsel for you!

My review: “Classic rock, punk, and soul all covered and smothered in bitch rock.”




The Lowest Common Denominator #2


Like No One’s Watching…


Halo Teaser!

Good news everyone!  My novel, “Halo”, has officially been resurrected from the literary grave!!  For those of you who are in “The Know”, I never should have left you without a dope beat to step to.  For everyone else, it’s a post-apocalyptic tale of a woman who must use the very technology that was meant to destroy her in order to overcome a tyrannical system that has dominated the entire planet.

And this is the first audio teaser.  Enjoy!!

Creationist Theorem Proof #37

An excerpt from my forthcoming book, “Ain’t That Just the Damnedest Thing…”, available in bookstores everywhere just as soon as I get my shit together.

Creationist Theorem #37

Creationism is the only viable way in which to explain the existence of the universe.

This can  be readily verified by the simple fact:


The laundry has never done itself.  If evolution were true we would have passed this stage in the evolutionary timeline by now.  So, in effect, evolution is vacant from time,  and since it took me time to write this and make a neat little picture for it,  we must live in a universe made of time.  A universe in which evolution cannot exist.

A Picture Is Worth the Change in Your Pocket #196


Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before…


No, seriously.  That way you can go listen to it again!

Okay, I have never unabashedly plugged an album in my life.  Generally, there’s a few great tracks on an album surrounded by a dozen or so of their far dorkier friends.  Of course there are exceptions to the rule.  For instance, Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” or Nirvana’s “Nevermind”, but far more often you’re gonna end up with a “Volume 2…Hard Knock Life”.  Now don’t get me wrong, Jay-Z put together a thoroughly enjoyable album, but if I want to dial up a bomb-ass track to hang out with it’s never gonna be “A Week Ago”.

That being said, I have stumbled upon an album today that I HAVE NOT been able to stop listening to.  I don’t think my iTunes would let me even if I wanted to.  Which I don’t.  Just to make that shit clear.

Now I’m not exactly introducing a brand new band to the world or anything, but I can’t imagine that they’ve crashed Hollywood just yet.  After all, they’re playing a bar in Lawrence, KS next month (oooh…I wanna go!).  So, like I said at the beginning, stop me if you’ve heard this one before.  If not, put on your listening ears and set your brain to “Receive Stun” mode.  Here’s a track from their album “Vessels” (arguably the best song on the album):

Yes…that’s what we like to call whetting the musical appetite.  And the whole damn album is that good (or maybe even better)!  After a respectable amount of internet research I stumbled upon the recipe for this little piece of musical perfection.


1 cup Flobots

1 cup Hollywood Undead

1 cup Fun.

1/4 cup My Chemical Romance

2 tbsp Neon Trees/Mumford and Sons blend

1 tsp Linkin Park


So basically, they just invented some of the dopest ass shit ever!  Other extremely notable tracks are “Holding On To You”, “Car Radio”, and “Ode to Sleep”.

Alright, I’ll stop orgasming all over the internet and just go back to privately diddling my musical clit now.  So you should go diddle yourself a little bit, too.  You know, so this isn’t so weird…..



From The Top!!!


The Mayans were wrong, after all.  The world did not end as originally scheduled.  I awoke on the first morning of the new year with only a mild hangover and my makeup more or less still where I had put it on the evening before.  All is well.

Sooo, what to do with this brand-new year full of exciting possibilities and opportunities…


Quick! Everyone into the Possibility Machine!!

2012 did a fair job of bending me over the proverbial barrel and treating me like the redheaded stepchild, but I got my own blows in, too.  I’m still here.  And I’m looking more and more fabulous by the day, if I say so myself (and I do!).  So I should probably do something at least mildly constructive while I’m here.

Of course, New Year’s resolutions are a complete sham.  Nothing like setting yourself up to fail from Day 1 (literally!).  So I’m not making any resolutions, but it might be swell to have a vague plan at the least.  I think I’m actually going to try and get back into the long-version storytelling mode again (AKA – working the Great American novel that I can’t ever seem to finish), as well as looking forward to the long overdue second installment of the short story serial “The Dynamic Force of Being Human”.  I may keep the beat-droppin’ excellence on the shelf for a while yet, though.  Too much on one’s plate makes one not so hungry.

And you can’t forget the ever-present schoolin’ situation!  The spring semester starts at the end of the month and it’ll be back to double full-time batshit craziness.  But I’m still riding high on the victory of passing all of my classes last semester and looking forward to making it two in a row!

So let’s get this shit started!

...and may the force be with you.

…and may the force be with you.


The Lowest Common Denominator #1


It’s the End of the World As We Know It…..

It's doesn't look like it could swallow the earth, but it will.

It’s doesn’t look like it could swallow the earth, but it will.

So the red light district, sign-wearing, soapbox preachers were right after all – the end is nigh!  And the end of the world just wouldn’t quite be the same without a soundtrack, now would it?  Hey, even Bruce Willis had Steven Tyler crooning in the background of the world’s comical, and asteroid-laden, near demise!

So here’s my “10 Songs You Can’t Die Without” (and, no, R.E.M. did not make the list):

1. Johnny Cash – The Man Comes Around


2. Europe – The Final Countdown


3. MONA – Trouble On the Way


4. Bright Eyes – At the Bottom of Everything


5. Silversun Pickups – Surrounded (Or Spiraling)


6. Nero – Doomsday


7. The Prodigy – World’s On Fire


8. The Grateful Dead – Estimated Prophet


9. Nine Inch Nails – The Day the World Went Away


10.  Pink Floyd – Brain Damage/Eclipse

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