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Is Flight MH370 at Diego? 3 Part Series

About a month ago, I was reading through my blink feed and happened to come across a story of a guy named Philip Wood, who just happened to also be on the MH370 Plane, and the story read that he managed to put a phone “up his ass” and when he got a chance…took a picture of total blackness.

Now, I admit, having less time these days to dig a little deeper into the story…I made a video on the subject and how I believed it to be true also that this could of happened. Mainly of how possible it could of been to accomplish.

The more I read about things though and started digging…I noticed some flaws with the story. Mainly with the Exif data not able to be changed easily. I later found out that this was incorrect and made a video about it, to which then I made another one to follow that one up with.

Now…Even if the story about Philip Wood is 99% false and someone did ultimately troll the world…I still think it’s at Diego Garcia. In this last video, I break it down myth buster style and try to figure out why Diego Garcia is still our #1 suspect/the 1% that makes this story not completely debunked…

As I said in this last video…There is no way in today’s society with all the “Tech” we have in this world…that that plane just magically disappeared…

Funny Penguins Chasing a Light Reflection

So we were bored the other day and went to the Zoo…We noticed they were interested in a shiny thing on the wall…so we decided to entertain them! I went ahead and dubbed over what I thought they might sound like and say! Hope you enjoy the video!

Brooming or Flying on a Broom – Stop Motion Video

So every once in a  while someone says something and we just happen to have a camera, some extra time on our hands and some brooms…

Here we just are goofing around and ended up creating a short 1 minute video that simulates what a stop motion brooming  or broom flying fight might look like 🙂


Go Home Car You’re Drunk – Car on Median

I’m not really sure how this happened…but I do have a theory as I think the laws of physics just happened to work in a very strange way today…

This car apparently got pushed up on the Median by another car changing lanes. The closer we look at it…we can also see that this car was only inches from taking a light poll along with it anchored to the median.

So in Honor of this Car I created this Meme Picture…

Maybe we'll see it in the next X Games?

Maybe we’ll see it in the next X Games?

And of course you know me…I can’t resist getting this on video!

Food Fight – The Best Hip Hop Song to come out in a long time!

Food Fight by Earth Amplified feat. Stic.Man of Dead Prez is one of the best Hip Hop videos I’ve seen in awhile!

Hip Hop is a form of music that actually tells a story. I have always been a fan of Hip Hop because of the nature of the words actually meaning something! You won’t find that with Rap-Crap at all…as it’s always just the same old thing.

Watch it!

I myself have done Hip Hop and know exactly what it means to write from the Heart! I actually created this song when I was Homeless:

Thunder Snow? Something definitely new to me!

So I woke up at 4 am this morning and looked outside to see it snowing like crazy here. Honestly, I haven’t seen snow like this since I was a kid here where I live…so this is actually looking pretty normal to what I remember growing up.

The weird part to me is this whole…Hey let’s throw lightning and thunder into the mix…? I guess it’s called Thunder Snow and I don’t ever recall seeing/hearing this type of thing around here.

So I went ahead and made a video for you if you’ve never experienced…Thunder Snow.

Worst Times to Get a Phone Call (Video)

I’m pretty good at staying close to my phone…on the occasion I leave it somewhere is always when I get a call or if I’m doing these other activities…

I remember the days when we didn’t even have cell phones and our phone was attached to a cord and a wall! lol

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Is a Girl Debate (Video)

Honestly, I had no other idea what to call this video/post because I kind of debate myself about why we even bother singing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer…and then I kind of realized I didn’t even really have a solid point of what I was trying to debate myself about…

Oh and too…I don’t ever even mention anything about Rudolph being a female reindeer…
I just thought I would make it more interesting of a Post Title. I found out Rudolph was a girl a little bit later.

Rudolph was a girl (technically)

I guess that’s what happens when you stay up till 4 am making videos about debating…
I think my point is just the fact of: “I’m just sayin”

Probably not at the top of my game at this point…lol

BTW…feel free to debate me at anytime…

My Dooms Day After Noon (Video)

Ok, so if you know me…I don’t like to miss out on a reason to create a video.

Especially if it has to do with the “Last day of the Earth…” Gotta get that shit on film!

Anyways…I filmed my whole day and then crammed it into 4 mins 55 seconds. And despite what YouTube says…The Video apparently had it’s own Apocalyptic melt down of it’s own and doubled itself…Damn Mayans…

It’s actually pretty interesting…I did a lot! I would of died a happy man.

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