From The Top!!!


The Mayans were wrong, after all.  The world did not end as originally scheduled.  I awoke on the first morning of the new year with only a mild hangover and my makeup more or less still where I had put it on the evening before.  All is well.

Sooo, what to do with this brand-new year full of exciting possibilities and opportunities…


Quick! Everyone into the Possibility Machine!!

2012 did a fair job of bending me over the proverbial barrel and treating me like the redheaded stepchild, but I got my own blows in, too.  I’m still here.  And I’m looking more and more fabulous by the day, if I say so myself (and I do!).  So I should probably do something at least mildly constructive while I’m here.

Of course, New Year’s resolutions are a complete sham.  Nothing like setting yourself up to fail from Day 1 (literally!).  So I’m not making any resolutions, but it might be swell to have a vague plan at the least.  I think I’m actually going to try and get back into the long-version storytelling mode again (AKA – working the Great American novel that I can’t ever seem to finish), as well as looking forward to the long overdue second installment of the short story serial “The Dynamic Force of Being Human”.  I may keep the beat-droppin’ excellence on the shelf for a while yet, though.  Too much on one’s plate makes one not so hungry.

And you can’t forget the ever-present schoolin’ situation!  The spring semester starts at the end of the month and it’ll be back to double full-time batshit craziness.  But I’m still riding high on the victory of passing all of my classes last semester and looking forward to making it two in a row!

So let’s get this shit started!

...and may the force be with you.

…and may the force be with you.


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