Is Flight MH370 at Diego? 3 Part Series

About a month ago, I was reading through my blink feed and happened to come across a story of a guy named Philip Wood, who just happened to also be on the MH370 Plane, and the story read that he managed to put a phone “up his ass” and when he got a chance…took a picture of total blackness.

Now, I admit, having less time these days to dig a little deeper into the story…I made a video on the subject and how I believed it to be true also that this could of happened. Mainly of how possible it could of been to accomplish.

The more I read about things though and started digging…I noticed some flaws with the story. Mainly with the Exif data not able to be changed easily. I later found out that this was incorrect and made a video about it, to which then I made another one to follow that one up with.

Now…Even if the story about Philip Wood is 99% false and someone did ultimately troll the world…I still think it’s at Diego Garcia. In this last video, I break it down myth buster style and try to figure out why Diego Garcia is still our #1 suspect/the 1% that makes this story not completely debunked…

As I said in this last video…There is no way in today’s society with all the “Tech” we have in this world…that that plane just magically disappeared…

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  1. Pershing says:

    Flight 370 was shot down in Ukraine, the survived part of fuselage (a photo) of it proves to be MH370. The passengers of 370 were propably in gargo part of plane but already dead when leaving Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. One of first interesting comments from Russian supported separatists was that part of bodies were decayed like they would been dead for several days. This piece of info disappeared quickly from mainstream media. Fuselage difference between MH17 and MH370 is a window covered with white paint under Malaysian flag. MH17 did not have it, but MH370 did have and fortunately if the truth us wanted to reveal this covert operation, this part ended up to Urainian field, and all main newspapers for sure have a copy of it. As it was mentioned in original YouTube film, the MH370 was hijacked to be used later for some covert operation and this was it, to flame up still Ukrainian crisis, and for me it’s a proof that it was not separatists who shot down the plane with mostly Holland and Malaysian citizens. Will Holland just sit down quietly, will Malaysia sit down quietly. Proof is just in front of their eyes and not even a complicated one.

  2. Pershing says:

    Hi, there was mentioned that the plane was hijacked to be used later in some other covert operation. As you know MH17 fro Holland to Kuala Lumpur was shot down in Ukraine by “separatists” as claimed by mainstream media, with ground to air missile. MH17 was Boeing 777-200,exactly the same type as MH370. But there was a difference, and that part of plane survived and photo of that by accident I believe was taken in Ukrainian field where the parts of MH17 dropped. The part of planes main frame which survived was the central emergency exit part with Malaysian flag besides it. In MH370 under the Malaysian flag was a window painted white, so covered with white paint. And normal windows started exactly from right side of the flag towards end part of the plane. In MH17 there was NO window painted in White under the Malaysian flag, but normal windows starting from right side of the flag. So the question is how it’s possible that part of MH370 ended up to Ukrainian field?? And first posts from “separatists” were that some of corpses were in such condition as they would been dead for several days. Of course these hints disappeared from mainstream media within a day. Was it so that the bodies of MH370 were packed in the gargo part of “MH17” and MH17 was indeed the MH370 and not shot down by separatists but by western US led covert operation? Somebody took also a picture of “MH17” in Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, and according to this picture the number in the front tyre cover did not belong to MH17 plane, but this is just a side comment. As you see disappearance of MH370 was a part of bigger scheme, and we can not also forget that earlier this year President Barack Obama was visiting Malaysia, if I remember correctly, first president of USA to visit this Muslim country for decades.

  3. kathy h. says:

    I saw your vid on yt and also listened to coast to coast am where George Noory had Whitley Streiber on as a guest. They mentioned that many on the internet are stating theories about Diego Garcia, he thought so to and did further investigation and found out that there is only one cell phone co. There and you have to buy a phone card in order to use their cell tower, it was said he could’nt have made a butt call from there. Sincerely, wheelinkate. Just fyi.

    • mecanx says:

      The thing is…that no one takes into account is that he was an IBM Tech. to which he also was a world traveler. I’m guessing IBM has access to those towers.

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