Music and Video Symbolism – Was Kesha’s Song “Die Young” fortelling the Sandy Hook Event?

This is actually going to be a little bit tough for me to post this as I know exact what type of Retribution that it will bring in the scheme of things…and honestly I hope I’m wrong…I hope I’m really wrong…and that’s why I will lay my case out to the Jury and let you decide…


So you ask me why I’m so concerned..? It’s because of the pic above and the Song it’s Attached to… But first let’s see how I got to this point and why this is going to be a long article…I’ll give you a hint: Nuclear (see the Video I created for this point here)

I hope you have an open mind & a large glass of milk, cause here we go.

Let me give you a little background about myself…

I have been a DJ for the past 8 years, aka the name MeCanX. In those 8 years, I have learned to listen to things…this is one of the most critical part of the job…When you mix, you have to tune in to exactly what is happening. Otherwise, your mix sounds like what we like to call a train wreck.

The second part of my job is to “Control” the crowd.

That’s what people literally pay me to do.

But here lately I have been seeing a trend in music that I am becoming “attuned” to and it’s starting to scare me with how a song will come out…And then something related to it will happen. And yes, I am referencing this next section to Sandy Hook Massacre that just recently happened. You can make your own decision there…but I would recommend you read that link.

Below is the Video for a popular star named Ke$ha. Her latest video is called “Die Young” and is so loaded with Symbolism that it starts getting annoying because it 99% of the time has nothing to do with the song! But in this case it actually has a lot to do with the song…

This video shows you exactly who’s in “Control” of your music that you and your kids listen too…and what I unfortunately have been a part of.  I wasn’t going to do this…but I will break down all the symbolism for you if you don’t quite see it. This is going to turn into a longer article than what I wanted…But I can’t sit idle anymore…

Also, I try to keep religious stuff out of my post but unfortunately that is almost everything that we are dealing with here. There are so many references to the Egyptian religion that it’s unavoidable.

If you want to know the truth about things…I’m about to show you exactly what you are dealing with in this one video.

The title itself is symbolic but read the article in the link attached to her name...You'll find even more just in the song titles of this album alone.

The title itself is symbolic along with all the symbolism on this cover but read the article in the link attached to her song name…You’ll find even more just in the song titles of this album alone. And I’m not sure if you notice…but look directly in the middle of this artwork…You can see a Nuclear Bomb going off.

This is the first time I have ever watched this video and I find it interesting with the fact that they don’t even try to hide it anymore…let me give you a little lesson on what I just saw in 3:33 of that video

I will list as many as I can here for you but you get the point:

Keep in mind that a lot of these symbols are done backwards or upside down.

*Note: RP = representing, represents

  1. First the video is 3:33 mins long, half of 666 and 3 does hold a significant reference to their symbolism.
  2. Next it automatically starts out with an upside down pyramid multiple times<-which are to numerous to even count
  3. A hearse RP Death drives in with horns RP Baphomet which drives up to a Cathedral representing God or the Catholic faith.
  4. 8 seconds in you will see another triangle that is right side up under an upside down triangle that RPs the “Merkaba” which can be good and bad. It also is the symbol for the Jewish and can be found on their flag.
  5. Next is the ring of the “All Seeing Eye
  6. Skull and Cross Bones as the guy gets out <- Well known Secret Society
  7. 13 Seconds you can see her “Gold” tooth which symbolizes “Power, Strength and Perfection” among other things<- 13 is also a symbolic number (mostly known for the 13 families that control the world, but can be religious in nature too)
  8. Then we see them walk past the word “Evil” on the car

*This is all just 14 seconds into this video. These next few parts are where it gets weird and starts connecting with Sandy Hook. This is where it gets in the realm of “Conspiracy Theory” but please keep an open mind as I didn’t come up with all this over night…I’ve spent many, many hours studying both sides but this is way to coincidental for me to ignore.

But this is exactly how they work…Through Symbolism.

I’ll start a new count.

  • Next she gets out of the hearse symbolizing she is coming back from the dead. <-Female Girl
  • She’s brought out in Black and Red which are said to be Satanic colors but also are the exact same colors that Emilie Parker was wearing the day she was “supposedly killed”.

Now let’s stop with just those two things and look at pictures that can be found anywhere on the internet, plus the one from the video I screen captured and compare them.

See any resemblance?

See any resemblance?

  • She is a “Blonde” female in Black and Red <- Exactly like Emilie Parker
  • When they carry her, she is being lifted up. Exactly like people have done with Emilie Parker in her “Death”
  • She came out of the back of a hearse (Died) but had come back to life. This seems to be the same exact thing that happened here. We see Emilie in a picture after she died but is seemingly still alive? Which seems to be symbolizing her (resurrection) like Ke$ha from the back of the hearse. (this goes in hand with the soon to be birth of a NWO)
  • Next we see a plethora of Pyramids with the Beam through it which is a Phaidon that turns into a diamond and then an upside down cross which gives way to the sun. (almost all of the symbolism here goes back to Egyptian times but the upside down cross is also heavily used in the Catholic Religion, hence why the Pope’s chair has one on it.)


  • 27 seconds in we see – “The All Seeing Eye” with what is called the “hook” letter in the Jewish language that is mirrored (makes an M) but if turned upside down makes a “W” which also means 6

Remember – These people love doing symbolism upside down and reversed

Let’s skip ahead as this is already getting lengthy but I want to point out as much as I can so you can make your own decision about things…Also, all the links are sources of the information which I am basing this all on. I have tried to keep it neutral in everything but most of it keeps leading back to the same places.

  • At exactly 33 seconds you see black & white clouds

    Notice how the Original Picture of Destiny's Child is also Black and White

    Notice how the Original Picture of Destiny’s Child is also Black and White but we’ll get to that in a minute…

Black and White is a HUGE symbol for “The Controllers”…Just watch below.

Let’s move on…

  • At 37 seconds – She “kicks in” the doors of a “Holy Place” aka the Cathedral. As Americans we value our children as something “sacred” to us…Our schools are very vulnerable places to where we send our “most precious”…see what I’m getting at?
  • The gun man did the same thing or so it was reported that he shot the glass. Hence the symbolism of busting in.
  • 44 seconds – We catch a very quick glimpse of what seems to be someone painting the wall Red…Now if we look there is a door that is cracked open to the left and look right of the arm of the girl and you can make out an image on the wall of some type. It looks to match the Egyptian symbol for a Rekhyt.
  1. It took me a second to figure out the correlation from this frame but this is my best educated guess:  This bird is called the Lapwing, it is identified by its head crest, Its wings are pined back preventing it from flying. This symbol signifies a group of people. It is often seen below the feet of a ruler to signify that the people are subjects of that ruler. Aka they are referring to us as a “People” and how we are under them.
  2. The blood line on the wall represent the “Sacrifice” of blood to the darkness to which it leads.
  3. The open door represents the doorway to the other side.

Now I could be completely wrong…but looking at all the symbols and having a pretty good idea on how these people think, I’d say I’m at least close. But “Draw” your own conclusion there.

Kesha - blood on walls

This is a tough one…

  • At 46 seconds you see her bend down on one knee (submitting) and drawing a “K” with a circle around it. This actually has a couple meanings, unfortunately right now I can’t seem to find anything to link to that involves the circle (even though it is significant). The Hebrew letter for k is the same way she draws it on the floor. Coincidental that “Sandy Hook” has a K at the end of it?
This holds another meaning also but if you look it's the "K" in the Hebrew Language which means "Palm of Hand"

This holds another meaning also but if you look it’s the “K” in the Hebrew Language it means “Palm of Hand”

  • 47 seconds we are shown them kicking and destroying things.
  • 52 seconds is where she references “Young Hearts” (lyrics) ^ which comes directly after the scene I just referenced above. Are they saying that they are going to break and destroy “Young Hearts”?
  • 1:01 enters the “Pentacle” and/or “Pentagram” but a pentacle can be used in magical evocation. And also she has 3 girls around her.
  • 1:10 – she makes a hand gesture that represents a gun but it can also point back to Baphomet.
  • 1:25 – The Hawk represents “Ba” which is the Ancient Egyptian concept of the soul. The bird flies off representing the releasing of the soul aka taking a life.
  • 1:32 she once again refers back to Baphomet by picking it up in the Tarot cards


  • 1:39 they are split in half by blood  like Baphomet – It was both male and female
  • 1:39 they introduce to you the Wolves or in this case a representation of Anubis (a grey wolf) which is “The Opener of The Ways” who leads the “dead” along the paths of the underworld. He also symbolizes “Death” and “Regeneration”. Which goes back to the Emilie Parker picture above.
  • 1:41 we actually see the full “Merkabah” as stated previously which is 3 triangles layered on each other and the girl is in a cresent moon shaped (as seen in the Baphomet photo above) by rocks to symbolize a sacrifice or possession
  • 1:46 Girl in the circle standing flails her head back and extends her chest as if she has been possessed or sacrificed
Possession? or Sacrifice?

*Note: That this place is pretty damn dirty…or could it also represent it being sandy?

Now…This is where we start getting a little glimpse of what is to happen next…and where we can start moving on from the Sandy Hook Event and to the Nuclear Event…Remember that picture up top of Destiny’s child you first saw? Well, that goes with a just recently release song called “Nuclear”…

This next picture…is straight from the Ke$ha’s Video at: 1:50

face and nuclear bomb

There is 3 things here but only 1 that really scares me…

  1. The Pyramid (Right)
  2. The Partial Face with a lot of details upclose
  3. To the very left there is a Nuclear Explosion from bottom to top

The next time we see the girl in the pic above…one second later, She’s Dead…

dead girl

but then another second later they flash this

girl burning skull

Which is her skull aflame and/or being disintegrated, reminds me of this video.

But this is all they give us dealing with the “Nuclear” issue…Just a glimpse.

So let’s go back and finish this damn video off…Gathering all this information takes tons of time and honestly I can’t believe we are only 1:50 seconds in!!!

Next thing we know Ke$ha is laying down in what we could possibly deem a manger with sheeps skin on her half naked body…with a Galaxy of Stars around her.

Could this represent anything?

Could this represent anything?

  • The Ladder leading to the Star is in reference to Jacobs Ladder.
  • Here is where we could get back into Sandy Hook area and say that they are referring to them being the wolves (previous in the video) and us now being referred to the “sheep” after the incident has occurred. The weird thing is about this is that at Sandy Hook, there has been reference to the the fact that FEMA was around that area at that exact same time doing a class that strangely enough has the acronym HSEEP. This acronym stands for Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program. In other words, it’s the word Sheep with two letters switched.
  • 2:13 <- there it is 13 again. we have a  girl with a very small, barely noticeable gun tattoo.
Anybody else find it weird that Sandy Hook also has debated a huge gun debate?

Anybody else find it weird that Sandy Hook also has started a huge gun debate?

  • 2:25 Ke$ha does her gun hand sign again
  • 2:32 I’m pretty sure you can see a nipple as a guy goes towards it
  • 3:05 Cops show up
  • 3:08 Cops have AK-47’s? WTF?
Do Federal Agents normally carry AK-47's around?

Do Federal Agents normally carry AK-47’s around?

I find it interesting that the “Policia Federal” carry AK-47’s around when they go to break up random parties. Sandy Hook sparked a huge debate over “Assault Rifles” and having large clips…is it coincidence that one of the Baddest (and by that I mean fucking awesome) assault rifles shows up in this video?

An AK-47 has always been used by our “Enemies” because of it’s ability to out perform any other assault rifle in modern war. Does this mean that they are using that to reference the fact that “Assault Rifles” are our “Enemies”? Or are they saying you are the “Enemy” if you own an “Assault Rifle”???

I’ll say the answer is: Both

Here is yet another connection for you…

Does anyone find it weird that right before all this…We had a Hurricane that came through named “Sandy“. And then the Next “Tragic” Event was a school coincidentally name “Sandy Hook“????

And right before the “Policia Federal” start shooting (FOR NO REASON) they flash this image…I took the time to point out the one thing it means…(the other symbol in this pic, I skipped but is related to Egyptian symbolism)

It’s the barrel of a shot gun…which actually forms the “Hook” letter again. Now remember the 2 officers outside only had AK-47’s. Why all the sudden are we seeing a shot gun?

Am I just off my rocker?

Am I just off my rocker or should I say, Hook?

  • Next we get to see straight down the barrel of a…you guessed it…Hand Gun…?


  • She signs to kill it…
kill it

Are you trying to tell me something?

And finally after all that…

  • She gives up but actually has her hands in a “Praise” Position with the Orion Belt in the background.
Normal hand position for hands up would be out...

Normal hand position for hands up would be out…

  • Ends with 3 seconds of Black
  • Of course the whole time, she’s talking about “Dying Young” in the lyrics.

Decoding through the whole 3:33 of this video has literally taken me about 4 days of research and reading through a ton of history and literature. I linked as many resources as I could to help strengthen my argument on this debate but I know for a fact that the music industry loves to put all this all in plain site…

But let’s go over a few key things.

  1. This video obviously shows how deeply ritualistic these people are with the Egyptian and mix of Hebrew religions. That part they are obviously not trying to hide. Symbolism is HUGE to these people.
  2. They are telling the full story of the next event almost in complete detail with hints of the one to come in the future. They also tend to reference back to past events, interweaving them together.
  3. This one involves gun control…Ke$ha’s Gun Hand Signs, The small revolver tattoo, the AK-47’s, the shotgun, and the Hand Gun. That last part is telling you that they are planning on taking “all the guns” not just the “Assault Guns” like they are telling you. Hence the Album name: “Deconstruction” which actually is two fold.

Deconstruction is also foreshadowing them going to “Blow” <- Which is another one of Ke$ha’s songs, the Hoover Dam and can be related to a Nuclear blast! This is foretold in the folding of a $10 and $50 bill into a pyramid shape.

Oh and one last thing…Did you know that the Hoover Damn holds enough water to cover a state like “Connecticut” 10 feet deep in water?

Just enough water to cover up “Connecticut”…it would take a nuclear blast to take out the dam!

That’s exactly how the “How Stuff Works” tells me it has to be done!

Straight from the website: “It is difficult to imagine even a nuclear bomb having an effect, unless it were an extremely powerful one and it were inside the dam at the time of explosion. But let’s say that some sort of tremendous earthquake or an asteroid strike or some other natural disaster were to somehow eliminate the Hoover dam in one fell swoop. What would happen?”

I find all this very coincidental…

Now, if you still don’t see any connection between any of this…Then that is your decision and I respect that.

But I see way to many references to what happened at Sandy Hook and how all this is eerily all connected.

Am I saying that I am 100% correct? Nope…I’m just pointing out things that I have been seeing and hearing with Music and Music Videos lately that I don’t necessarily like…

If you do see what I see…Then please link back to this page or share it with your friends and family! To these people it’s all an act! That’s why all the “Family Members” never shed one damn tear!! You can’t fake sadness and lose!

And they put the whole script out there before it even happens! You just have to know how to interpret the signs that they give you…

Did I get all of them? I’m sure I missed a few…but I tried to get a big chunk plus the little preview that leads me into the next part that they are telling you is going to happen. Aka why I started with the Teaser of the Destiny’s Child Picture.

Destiny’s Child Song Nuclear – Is it a sign towards the Super Bowl?

These “People” are an interesting group that have become bolder and bolder…And though I don’t agree with their practices at all…I always wonder how they think this will all play out in the end as people become wiser and wiser to their act.

As we move on from this song to another…I want to show you the signs that they are putting out about the Hoover Dam and A Nuclear Bomb. It seems that these will be the next false flags created to make us keep thinking we need them to protect us.

Please make your own decisions here. I am simply the Guide…

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