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New York Times explains October 15th as the X Date for Default

Usually I try to stay out of Politics as it’s just a huge mess to confuse people. That’s how I’ve always seen it…so when people try to get me into a debate, I just kind of look at them and say…”hmm…that’s nice” and go along my way.

But sometimes there are signs that seem to come across my path that I feel that I need to share. Here is one of those signs to which I asked…”What is with the date being shown in movies about Oct. 15th?”

Here is a connection to the previous video that I had made about that very same date and why it is important.

Is October 15th 2013 our Final Warning?

Every once in a while I like to pop my head in and give my 2 cents on some political stuff…other than that…I always try to stay out of Politics and Bullshit.

But with this whole “Government Shutdown” (oh my!) I find it odd that this is the first time ever that this has happened…? So why exactly are they shutting down? Weren’t they just talking about going to war in Syria? They seem to have enough money to do that but now they can’t find enough to keep the Government open?

Honestly I really don’t care…they are at this point pretty much useless any ways…so what’s new?

government shutdown maxine

So here is a little bit of my Theory the whole ordeal…

Funniest on the Street News Caster I have ever seen!

Most of the time, a news detective team takes their job seriously. Now in this case a woman’s house has been broken into and they go out to investigate why it’s taking the police so long to show up…and this is the end result.

This is the funniest News Special Report/Reporter that I have ever seen!

USA vs. NSA animation (Pixar Style)

It’s amazing sometimes how someone can put something so powerful in such a short video…

Lot said in a very short amount of time.

Brooming or Flying on a Broom – Stop Motion Video

So every once in a  while someone says something and we just happen to have a camera, some extra time on our hands and some brooms…

Here we just are goofing around and ended up creating a short 1 minute video that simulates what a stop motion brooming  or broom flying fight might look like 🙂


Dog Plays the Piano and Howls with it on Her Own

So apparently the neighbors filed a noise complaint against these people…They couldn’t figure out why the neighbors were complaining, so they set up a nanny cam and this is what they found out!

Maybe this dog was a famous piano player back in another life and came back to do what she loved to do the most…play the piano and sing along…

Hamsters in a spinning bowl – Work out wheel

This is actually pretty damn funny!

I am just amazed at how fast they get this thing going!

Russia Warns Obama/Monsanto

So you know that all the bees are dying right?

Maybe this Huge Power Player (Russia) can do something to stop Monsanto and all their little creeps from killing us all off. This is where I will gladly take Russia’s side on the debate when it comes down to this.

The Full Article is Here:

Russia Warns Obama/Monsanto

Moore, Oklahoma Tornado Closest Video Footage

So today, a huge tornado ripped through a the town of Moore, Oklahoma…

Being from Tornado Alley and actually having my hometown hit by a 1/2 mile wide tornado and seeing the devastation afterwards…aka I couldn’t recognize streets or anyone’s houses even though I had lived there till I was 18…when things like this happen, it kind of hits home…

I feel the pain that these people are going through as I actually dropped out of my Tech classes to go back home for a few months to help start the cleanup and restoration process…

It’s a long process and my heart is with them…

Here is the best video I have found so far showing this massive tornado…

Lion, Tiger and Bear all Live together Peacefully

And people say that animals don’t have souls…Well, I beg to differ as they show just as much emotion as we do and also can actually teach us humans a thing or two about getting along with one another regardless of our differences.

I guess I look at the Human Race with everyone wanting to be as “One” but yet they can’t even agree on which “Oneness” to be! Honestly, I don’t think it’s that hard…but we as a (sarcastic voice) “evolved species” sure do a lot of cavemanish things…

Anyways, just my two cents.

Watch this video and hopefully this will at least give you a warm heart and a smile to start the day.

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