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A Fun Message for Mother’s Day by Kid President

This is the first time I’ve seen Kid President in Action (and he’s already better than the one we already have, aka the grown up one)…but I don’t like Politics anyways…

The point here is that today is Mother’s Day and those of us who have a mom that was kind enough to stick with our snotty nose kids selves…should be thankful that we had a woman that cared enough to stick it out.

I know mine did…and I look back and say Damn…Now that’s a strong woman right there.

The Strong Are Made – MeCanX Original Music

So I like to write and make music…I haven’t done it in awhile but just found this jewel from back in the day…if you like Hip-Hop which is true lyrics and real life…Then you’ll “Like” this! (Warning: Explicit Lyrics)

A Mom Drives a 900hp 3Dx Evo Car!

This is simply an awesome video in the fact that this guys mom is like a kid in a candy store with this car!

My mom would of passed out going over 65mph let alone 140mph!

Seriously, this mom gets the: “Cool Mom Award” from The MeCanX Shop!

Mission Impossible Squirrel

It is your mission if you choose to except it…

Humans – Every once in awhile, they will impress you…

Seriously, sometimes people’s faith in Humanity is a bit weary until it is restored by videos like this. I appreciate people who appreciate the things around them and take care of them. In this case it was 30 dolphins that stranded themselves and this video shows you why sometimes Humanity isn’t so bad…

This Video Below is Just Bonus…

Pole Dancing Phenom

This girl is amazing at what she does…I mean so amazing that you would think she’s walking on Air Upside down, on some stairs? Yeah, you just have to watch this SFW (safe for work) pole dancing video to believe it!

Kids 20 Years from Now Video

Well, if we are actually warming up as a planet then this clothing option might actually apply…but until then, I’m pretty sure it’s restricted to nudist camps (<–NSFW) and foreign countries…lol

As for the music…Well, I’m sure it this prediction will be just about right…

Funniest K-Mart Commercial Ever! Ship my Pants

I had to watch this one a couple times because I like to laugh…and this one will make you laugh. I normally don’t visit K-Mart…in fact I can’t remember that last time that I even stepped foot in a K-Mart…but still, this commercial makes me want to at least go to their website and “ship” my pants! lol

Now – Paramore

I have always loved the sounds of Paramore. This is actually a very cool video from them that shows how powerful Love can be…I don’t know why it’s so hard for people to figure out…

I know Love is a hard thing to understand because we have been taught so many things opposite of it…Even I struggle everyday with it but still I think we all are capable of it deep down inside.

Paramore’s Now Video, I think, shows this struggle in a great way of how hard it can actually be just to Love. Great Ending also!

What if Wild Animals Ate Fast Food?

Ummm…yeah, I’m just going to have to say that this would probably be a good representation…funny but spot on.

What do you think?

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