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Thunder Snow? Something definitely new to me!

So I woke up at 4 am this morning and looked outside to see it snowing like crazy here. Honestly, I haven’t seen snow like this since I was a kid here where I live…so this is actually looking pretty normal to what I remember growing up.

The weird part to me is this whole…Hey let’s throw lightning and thunder into the mix…? I guess it’s called Thunder Snow and I don’t ever recall seeing/hearing this type of thing around here.

So I went ahead and made a video for you if you’ve never experienced…Thunder Snow.

Dog Rescued and This one will make you Cry

I’ll be honest…

I wish the world could learn from Animals what we think we already know so well…

Let’s just say this dog rescue will bring a tear to your eye…

If only we could sit the world down in one of these…

Well, it might not be an answer to world peace…but it couldn’t hurt anything to try!

This to me is what an awesome video is all about! Just trying something new and different as someone is bound to respond as others walk by…but the reactions you’ll get are all natural an unrehearsed…


Upside Down Spider Man Kissing Prank

Ladies…I find this video not only funny…but also appropriate for this Valentine’s Day.

Creepy Valentines Poem

Ummm…I’m thinking I will just say Yes…Just in case….

The Lowest Common Denominator #2


This Guy is Funny and Fast! Talented Magic Trick

I’ve always wondered how these guys do it…

This guy is so fast that you swear he has a teleportation devices somewhere up his sleeve!

This Pretty much sums it up if we keep going like we are going

This is a short animated video called – Man.

I am going to have to agree with this video. Mainly because well, if we keep things up…there isn’t going to be anything left to destroy! But it is really pointing out the truth…

This guy does the whole song Gangnym Style in flip animation

Either this guy has way to much time on his hands…or is going to get famous off of this one thing he had way to much time for…either way it’s freakin awesome!

Like No One’s Watching…


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