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TV sucks, This Independent Stuff is way better!

So today has been a waste of time…Very unusual for me…but I did get to enjoy a set of 9 episodes of a show called – VGHS (short for Video Game High School).

Unfortunately it does have guns, shooting and violence (which seems to always be found in anything you watch)…but honestly, I can’t deny that I like shot em ups. Why? I think it’s just in our nature to be violent and gaming is a way for us to get it out, without actually doing it.

Anyways…I digress.

If you like really really good sense of humor with action and explosions mixed in with romance. (Yes, I know that’s about any action movie you see any more)…but this actually is done really well and on a level you just don’t see any more on that thing…ummm…what is it? Oh yeah, the stupid cable television.

You’ll probably be hooked right away if you are anything like me…

Oh yeah, an you should probably follow him on YouTube –> Freddie Wong’s YouTube Page

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