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If you want to start a Party Bus in Kansas

Yes, you can call me a dumb ass…But I have a kick ass 40 ft charter bus! (that is currently just sitting, doing nothing) see pic below.

Yep...Not sure what I was thinking!

Yep…Not sure what I was thinking!

And here is the Inside…Fit’s 48 freaking people!


And now here is the type of Insurance policy you have to carry for it in the state of Kansas if you are doing a Party Bus or carrying over 16 people.

Yep 5 Million as in $5,000,000

Yep 5 Million as in $5,000,000

A policy like that runs about $13,500 a year. Aka $1125 a month. But that also is because I am a New Venture in the Party Bus Arena. You might get a better deal. So if you are thinking about starting a party bus in the state of Kansas…I already did all the hard information gathering work for you!

Now here’s the deal.

You want to start a Party Bus Company in Kansas…I have a bus for sale! Sounds like we need to talk.

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