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Does Facebook make us Lazy?

Ok, so I’m the type that will go to my Feeds Page on Facebook and see everyone’s wonderful posts and usually just glance over the chatter for the day.

I push the little like button, or make a quick comment and then move on.

This button doesn't actually work, that one is down below

aka Your comment sparked a second of my attention…

Of course though, my phone never lets me be to far from the action as it seems to think that I need to know every little thing that happens on FB.

Most of the time if I see something I “like” or interests me aka a link to something. I usually click on it and follow it to the page to read more. That’s just me though…I like digging through things to find treasure.

So I’ve been doing a little experiment with my posts.

  • First thing I did was created a new page on Facebook called: The MeCanX Shop
  • I started this website.
  • Then I connected it all together and let my friends know about it via my personal page.

It’s taken me awhile just to build up 30 likes on The MeCanX Shop page even with 700 + friends on FB.

I realize that not everyone is going to like my page, but it still seems like a small number for such a large so called “Friend” base. Especially after I actually spent like 30 minutes clicking all the boxes for each person to invite them!

Once click and 20 friends lost...lol

One click and 20 friends lost…

This seems to also happen…aka I get deleted.

I just wanted to be able to use this picture...

I just wanted to be able to use this picture…


The reason for this whole post is because of this.

I have found that, if I post on my personal page:

  • Most people will only view a video I’ve made, if it actually will play within their “news feed”.
  • They won’t actually take the time to open up another tab to come to the site if I provide just a link to this site with the video just on this site. That includes any articles that I might write.
  • They won’t share/like a lot of things I post, but share the most random things of someone they don’t even know.
  • And I have noticed I get deleted more often. (most of the time from people I only have met a few times)

The other thing I have found, is that for TMS Page on FB:

  • Hardly anybody even comes from that page.

There’s not much else too that one…

But this is what sucks…Most people come from my personal page, but when I try to get them to like my page specifically for this website…It’s like trying to pull teeth the get them to click a simple like button.

I want them to like my TMS page so I don’t have to spam the rest of the people that see my posts.

So here I am asking myself these questions:

  • Are people are just lazy?
  • Is Facebook making us lazy?
  • Are our Attention spans so short that we only have enough power to click a button and not actually dig deeper than our actual news feeds?
  • Is the product I put out shitty?
  • Am I just that boring?
  • Am I just looking way to deep into this?
  • Does this actually span over to our real lives?
  • or am I just wanting to be popular?

Hell, I don’t know…but I will continue to dig deeper into this thing we call…wanting to be popular.


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