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I just wrote a new book – CPR for Dummies

You thought I actually sat down and wrote a book about how to save someone’s life?

Hell, no! You should of known better than that! lol

Ha! Get it?!

Ha! Get it?!

How To Clean Oily Clothes with Coca Cola

Being a Diesel Mechanic can get pretty damn messy…Especially dealing with Grease, Oil and whatever a Diesel Engine can come up with to spit out at you…

Now most places have cleaning services for their mechanics uniforms but if you are like me and just starting out, you won’t get this service (most of the time) till you have completed your 90 days.

So this leaves you with having to wash your own stuff. Which sucks…

So this Video quickly shows you how you can get your clothes a lot cleaner than just washing them in the washer when they just get way to oily…

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