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My Breakup Letter to Facebook

So I decided to write a breakup letter to Facebook…FB is starting to get to needy and I just can’t handle it anymore!

I just don't think this is gonna work out...

I just don’t think this is gonna work out…



I Time Travel

No seriously, I explain how we actually time travel everyday!

Don’t Believe me? Just watch!

The Science community is baffled on how I figured it out so fast….

I Visit the Land of the Lost Socks

You know…I have always wondered how I put 10 socks in the dryer and always seem to get back 9…

Now unless I can’t count…which could be a possibility…I think there is something wrong with this picture…

So I set up the Sock Stealing God with trickery so that he can’t ever get away with stealing my sock again!

Nice Guy Video for all the “Nice” Guys out there

So if you have ever been in my shoes…then well, you would fit a men’s 9 1/2 shoe.

If not, then this pretty much sums up how I feel about the whole being called “Nice” statement (which I really am). It just sucks when you really like a girl and well…Watch the video and you’ll see.

All U Gotta Do ft. The CHEF (Music)

This is a track that I wrote with The CHEF way back in the day…

It’s how I have always felt and more of a chill but thought provoking song that just points out many things in life that seem to be a struggle…

Like the Lyrics say…”My Life was sent here to Inspire” and I hope it does 🙂

Rusted Angel

All Time Favorite Pic of Me

So this picture was done by a friend of mine a long time ago…

I haven’t spoke to her in awhile but can’t help but to think about how she did this in about 20 minutes after I saw her do it with someone’s photo.

Her name is Rachael but I can’t remember her last name…Thank You Rachael

Rusted Angel

Rusted Angel – How I Feel Sometimes

MeCanX – Grab the Duffel Bag (44 Beats Remix by The CHEF)

This song is a bit more political and was made when George W. was still in office…So you can see how old it is…but The CHEF put his own flavor on it…So now once again it’s new!

Get Freaky Papi – By MeCanX (Music)

Yes, I too like to get “Freaky” and this song is all about doing just that.

Day with MeCanX and Wanna Be Party Rock Robot – Fired

So If you didn’t know…I got fired from my Job…yep…So I just decided to do what any normal human being would do and that is make a Video of me trying to get a video on Cracked.com

Will it work? Hell, I don’t know…but your here aren’t you?

Watch the Video Below to see what happens!

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