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Facebook Banning Pro-Gun Accounts

So as I have been doing my research here, and I have found a few interesting articles that are posted by reliable sources which state that their accounts have been suspended or deactivated due to a picture with a quote from Gandhi.

Below is the picture that Facebook is Deactivating accounts for:

If they ban you for this...This means they are scared.

If they ban you for this…This means they are scared.

Gandhi brought down powerful people with peace, so why are they so scared of something like this?

It’s because those who are scared know…That at the end of it all…You’ll never control the spirit, the ideas, or the soul of any one human on earth. And there is nothing they can do about it.

This clip explains exactly what they feel but the last 30 seconds of this video says it the best.

“Beneath this Mask there is more than Flesh, Beneath this Mask there is an Idea Mr. Creedy, And Ideas are Bullet Proof”

See the rest of this disturbing banning on Natural News’ Site.


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