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Music and Video Symbolism – Was Kesha’s Song “Die Young” fortelling the Sandy Hook Event?

This is actually going to be a little bit tough for me to post this as I know exact what type of Retribution that it will bring in the scheme of things…and honestly I hope I’m wrong…I hope I’m really wrong…and that’s why I will lay my case out to the Jury and let you decide…


So you ask me why I’m so concerned..? It’s because of the pic above and the Song it’s Attached to… But first let’s see how I got to this point and why this is going to be a long article…I’ll give you a hint: Nuclear (see the Video I created for this point here)

I hope you have an open mind & a large glass of milk, cause here we go.

Let me give you a little background about myself…

I have been a DJ for the past 8 years, aka the name MeCanX. In those 8 years, I have learned to listen to things…this is one of the most critical part of the job…When you mix, you have to tune in to exactly what is happening. Otherwise, your mix sounds like what we like to call a train wreck.

The second part of my job is to “Control” the crowd.

That’s what people literally pay me to do.

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