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Why are we scared to stand up?

A lot of times I sit here wanting to say something but I know it’s going to bring retribution from the people around me. I am a peaceful person who believes something that a lot of people will never understand nor will they ever want to sit and listen to why I believe what I believe.

So that’s where I ask the question: Why are we scared to stand up?

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power

I know why…It’s because we lose things that we work so hard to build up. Friends turn against us and God forbid that they unfriend us on Facebook…and so on…

But I’m getting tired of always being told to stand down…Because when you see a bad thing coming, you should probably tell others as you yourself are preparing for the worst.

I’ll just use a biblical reference as everyone seems to be able to relate to that.

He tried to warn them...

He tried to warn them…

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