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Froggy Fresh – Is this kid a rap genius?

Ok so maybe non of you care…but I do…mainly cause I watched how this kid took advantage of Tosh.O and actually now has about 66,000 + more followers than me on twitter. Not that I really care about that…ok maybe…

Now, as I’ve been reading and after seeing his first video (which, completely sucked balls)…I have to wonder if this kid is actually smarter than what everyone who originally saw him thought…

This is his Tosh.O interview…where he was originally Krispy Kreme.

Now here is his latest rap video…

His lyrics by my standard are awesome and he’s actually developed his skills…now if you didn’t watch his video above then you didn’t actually see the part where he said he was a “pretty good actor”. The question is: Was this all an act?

Because if it was…Then very well played Froggy Fresh, Very well played.

Real Name: Tyler Cassidy – This is awesome…this kid used the system.

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