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Snake on Qantas Plane Wing (Video)

So you know that movie snakes on a plane…which I have never watched and for good reason I’m sure…

Well, this is the real life version of it…but the snake never makes it inside the plane and eventually dies…I think. Either way the ground crew wanted to have nothing to do with it…

Here you can see the Long version:

Or the short version:

Rusted Angel

All Time Favorite Pic of Me

So this picture was done by a friend of mine a long time ago…

I haven’t spoke to her in awhile but can’t help but to think about how she did this in about 20 minutes after I saw her do it with someone’s photo.

Her name is Rachael but I can’t remember her last name…Thank You Rachael

Rusted Angel

Rusted Angel – How I Feel Sometimes

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