When is Enough, Enough? Students being tracked at School.

So this is one of those things that I’m not to fond of…

Aka being Tracked 24/7.

tracking chip

This chip is keeping track of you.

I’m pretty sure our phones are already doing this anyways…but when schools start making it mandatory that their students to wear a RFID chip on campus is pretty much absurd.

This technology is “pedaled’ as “The Future”…I call it…“Soon to Have no Future”.

When do we start calling Bullshit and stop letting our every action and move be tracked? When are we going to stop being “Fear driven” and just except the fact that we live in a dangerous world and the only one who can protect us…Is us…

Unfortunately we are already being constantly tracked with Cameras…but now this?

And what’s even more disturbing is that the student even took this issue to court and lost!

See the Full article Here


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